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Thank you for considering FloRider and opting to learn more about who are FloRider Queensland and why should I choose them over any other Electric Bikes available throughout Australia.

As we have stated throughout our website, FloRider is a small family business borne of enjoyment between Kelvin & Karina. We have always enjoyed going out with our family and taking walks or going for bike rides with our children.

It was when we were on holiday in New Zealand we saw these really cool bikes zipping past us and the people riding them were having a ball. We decided to go and hire some ourselves and we too had a great time!

We were struck by how useful these fold away bikes were. When returning to home to Queensland we decided to look into these bikes and realised that there wasn't many reliable (and affordable) options available in Australia. We also realised that there was little in the way of warranty and if the bike had a good warranty it was far too expensive to justify.

Having investigated these bikes for a little while we decided to consider launching our own product!

We felt the FloRider Electric Bike MUST be:

Well built to a high Australian Standard
Functional, Compact & Durable
Suitable for anyone to ride
Affordable & Warrantied for 2 years
Look & Feel AWESOME!

To really promote the FloRider brand and keep our costs down, the FloRider eBike is only available in Silver. We will be adding additional colours to the range late 2019 and also introducing our latest product FloRider eScoorter around the same time.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for their ongoing support and promoting the FloRider brand. We plan to do so much with FloRider over the coming years and could not do it without your loyalty and ever appreciated support!

Kind regards 

Team FloRider Queensland

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If you are considering getting a new Electric Bike and would like to 'try before you buy', then don't hesitate and call FloRider TODAY and test ride our bike! You will not be disappointed!

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