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FloRider FAQ's

Check out below for any questions you may have! If you don't see a question you may have and the answer isn't elsewhere on our site, please contact immediately so we can help! Please go to the Product Description to find out more about our eBike Specifications. 

What is the highest and lowest seat position?
The highest seat position is 1 metre from the ground to the top of the seat. The lowest seat position is 83cm from the ground to the top of the seat. If you want the seat position to be even lower than 83cm, then the seats shock mount could be removed.
Can the FloRider eBike climb hills?
YES on battery power. For really steep hills a combination of pedalling and battery can be used. In this case the degree of exertion is like pedalling a normal bike on the flat. The experience is bliss on hills.
How long is the FloRider Warranty
Unlike many of our competitors, FloRider offer a FULL 2 YEAR WARRANTY. This covers you for any manufacturer defect/fault. This does not cover tyres, brakes, wear & tear/consumables. Please see 'Warranty' for more information.
Is it suitable for an older person?
The FloRider eBike can be ridden by anyone. It was designed to be suitable for all ages and abilities, providing you are competent riding a regular bike (children under 12 will need adult supervision). With no top bar, the FloRider eBike is suitable for those with minimal flexibility or hip issues, as there is no requirement for a high leg over. This is largely why the FloRider eBike is so very popular!
Is it easy to fold & transport?
In short, Yes. A couple of quick release pins and you're in business!

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