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Searching for an Electric Bike? Welcome to FloRider | FloRider is a Queensland Electric Bikes supplier. Providing the very latest in Electric Bike Technology for the Australian market. Our bikes carry a FULL 2 Year Warranty against manufacturer defect and can be dealt with by our local friendly team. 

FloRider is a small family business setup by Kelvin and his wife Karina! With a passion for the outdoors, they discovered eBikes in New Zealand. Seeing how much fun their children were having when riding the eBikes they decided to investigate further and the FloRider brand was born!

Why choose the FloRider Electric Bike

With so many Electric Bikes on the market, you have a difficult choice to select the eBike that is best for you and your family! The FloRider Electric Bike is one of New Zealand's & Queensland's fastest selling bike! Find out why people choose FloRider by clicking below!

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